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On the two days prior to the commencement of the Festival, a series of optional Masterclasses will be facilitated for interested participants. The cost of each Masterclass will be AU$175, and AU$350 for the two day Masterclass 4.

Currently the following are being offered –

Please note: Participants can only attend ONE workshop per day (except for Masterclass 4)

Brian Braganza
Community Youth Development

Young people as essential assets for community development and social change.
Facilitator: Brian Braganza, Associate, HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development

Cormac Russell
Driving Community

A Masterclass on better practice youth development and engagement.
Facilitator: Paul Kooperman 

Unfortunately Peter is no longer available to run this Masterclass.  Please check back later and we will be able to update the new facilitator. 

Cormac Russell
The Art of Participatory Community Building

Patterns, practices and processes: exploring the links between a range of strengths-based approaches to community development.
Facilitators: Rituu B Nanda, Dee Brooks (JEDER Institute) and Michelle Dunscombe (JEDER Institute)

Cormac Russell
Stewarding a Movement of Citizen Led Action

Facilitator: Richard Holmes (Head of Learning, Barnwood Trust)
** Please note this Masterclass is a two-day class.  There is no option to participate in one-day only.  If choosing this class participants must commit for both days.  

Cormac Russell
Masterclass in ABCD

Facilitator: Peter Kenyon (Director, Bank of I.D.E.A.S.)

Cormac Russell
A Magical Reunion: ABCD and Playback Theatre

Facilitator: Dimitrios Papalexis

Cormac Russell
The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

Transforming communities through powerful questions and conversations.
Facilitator: Zizi Charida (Director, Community Minds)



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