The International Centre

The ABCD Festival is being held at the International Centre Goa in the beautiful Indian state of Goa.

ICGThe International Centre Goa was established as a forum to bring together thinkers, scholars and academics, achievers, sociologists and creative people from India and around the world, to look at the larger issues before the New World and to develop new techniques and perspectives for handling them.  Besides its philosophy and mandate, the Centre was chosen due to its quality facilities including resident accommodation, training facilities, Spices Restaurant with multi cuisine, 14acres of beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces, swimming pool and recreation complex and proximity to historic Panjim, international airport and a number of wonderful beaches. For more details about the International Centre Goa, view: The International Centre

The International Centre Goa is located at Doctor East Borges Road, Dona Paula, Panjim, Goa Ph.- ++ 91 9765404395

Beautiful Goa

Goa as a destination was chosen for many reasons including-
  • UNESCO World Heritage location where East and West have interacted for 500 Years;
  • Home to many community development and activist initiatives;
  • India’ s most popular domestic tourist destination;
  • Magnificent village life, vibrant culture, stunning beaches, great food…
  • A cultural ‘soft landing” for anyone contemplating their first visit and tour of India;
  • A great opportunity to investigate many local community building and activist initiatives;
  • Wonderful low cost and comfortable conference and accommodation facilities;
  • Cheap direct flights from Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, and Cheap charter flights from UK and Europe; and
  • So much more! Google Goa – Goa Wikipedia and Goa Google Search  to begin to discover its unique and magical appeal.